The Petrafied Blog – Intro

The Petrafied Blog – Intro

This blog is ostensibly a blog about what it’s like to have been a ‘crossdresser’ all my life!

I hate the term ‘crossdresser’ of course! It suggests something is wrong but more on that later.

This is one man’s story about the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ of it all and how it has, quite frankly, consumed and defined me!

But it’s more than that too.

I hope?

I love life with all its ‘ups and downs’. I want to live it well and I want to die well! I’ve spent a lifetime seeking greater awareness so I can do both! Have I wasted my time? The answer to that depends on the day you ask the question for this is a journey into my heart as a human being, who got some of it ‘right’ and lots of it ‘wrong’!

But let’s wait and see.

You decide!

If you do read further, I hope you get something special from doing so. That would warm my heart for I have been driven to finally write this by an unseen force that I sincerely hope is on our side! 🙂

You can ‘leave a reply’ at the end of each Blog.

I would love to hear your comments, your view and your reactions ‘big’, ‘fat’, ‘skinny’ or ‘small’! (Not You! The Blog!)

Thank you.

Peter Petra, The Manse, Derry, March 24th, 2020


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