Happy 66th Birthday

Happy 66th Birthday

Well! Today I turn 66 years of age, having been born to this Earth on August 20th 1954. As they say in Cork “It could happen to a Bishop!“. It is, mind you, a little surreal as when we were young, we’d refer to ‘old age pensioners’ as if they were already long gone! We were kids and we thought we’d live forever! I still feel that way most days but my age pops up once a year to remind me of my folly! Well not folly really, for living in the moment has no age and that’s good. In fact its the only way. So here’s my Birthday wish for you “May you forever live in the present moment and may you have the courage to have no courage at all and the strength to be humble and small. May you know today, that your strength is in your vulnerability”.

When I let go and let Love I know Bliss and more … (as if that were possible). I know Myself beyond the limits of my mind.

Happy Birthday!

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